"Integrity is congruence between what you know, what you profess and what you do"

Gabriel Rojo de la Vega Founder of El T3MPLO and creator of the R.3.D training system (Resilience, Endurance, Dynamic). Sports and physical development have been present in my life since I was very young. The opportunity to practice different disciplines from football to martial arts, calisthenics, athletics, gymnastics, among others, marked my interests and my character to this day. There is no single discipline that can lead us to full functionality and development of physical abilities, this is how the concern to create a training system which, without excluding, mixes and adds in such a way that the time dedicated to training be comprehensive and efficient, obtaining as a result the benefits of a complete athlete. This is how R3D arises, resilience endurance dynamic: As its acronyms explain, R3D offers practical strengthening of recovery capacity, subjecting the body to a constant challenge that forces growth and development (resilience), which is achieved through a system that generates both physical and mental resistance in a progressive way (endurance), in a constant dynamic of change and adaptation (dynamic) whose final objective is the total and complete scope of the athlete's physical and mental potential... and of course of the human being.